Heart Of December was nominated for a Pushcart Prize 

Read in Fatal Flaw - December 2022

White Teeth / Black Leather was nominated for a Pushcart

Read it in the Desire Issue of X by Viridian Door. November 2022

Pink Zombie Rose is written by Dia VanGunten & Illustrated by Beppi

The contagion has surfaced 

PZR emerges from the Open Sewers of Berlin

The first Pink Zombie rose Book is Major Arcana 

To be released by Q, the graphic imprint of Querencia Press. 

In print and on kindle

In full color illustration and / or as text alone - 2 Books!

Find us at all major booksellers & comic book shops

Also poet haunts and punk rock shows. 

Read "Strings & Attractors" -  stand Alone comic in Fatal Flaw

Beppi is the Artist for All Pink Zombie Rose COMICS & Graphic Novels. 

We are mutants in a long line of mutants. The doctor altered our ancestors, twisting, twisting, changing us on a cellular level. We looked like a rose, if rotting. We smelled like a rose, too much so. We grew from a thorny vine, flourishing, but the ancients never knew a rose like us. This rose is unnatural. God did not make this rose. To our pink-green heads, Dr. Rosalita Cuomo is God. She gave us our unlikely lives. She cut and spliced. She killed us and brought us back. She made us impervious to death. Our flower is explosive; our breed, aggressive. We bloom in Michigan snowstorms. We won’t wilt in the hottest days of August. We can grow in sandboxes, cracked blacktop, and climb every surface. A sharp hatchet only makes us stronger. Gasoline won’t choke our roots nor the flame that follows. We can’t be killed. (Only by beheading every single blossom, so eradication is improbable.)

Fanged rose art by @alsoguppyme

Writing is “Zombie Queen” from the POV of the @pinkzombierose.

Read Pink zombie rose  in cool Pubs like fatal Flaw, Funemployment Press, Caustic Frolic, Nonothing Magazine, God's Cruel Joke, Not Ghosts But ANgels Vol 2, Not ghosts but Angels Vol 3, 100 Subtexts, Apple In the Dark, On the High Literary magazine, Gypsophilia, Scavengers Lit, Viridian Door Lit, Viridian X, Cream Scene Carnival, Apocalypse Confidential

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