Cast of Characters 

CAST OF CHARACTERS, major, in order of appearance -- 

Dr. Eric Michaels — neurologist, father, husband, pervert. 

Dr. Aton Verne — doctor, identical, misanthrope, curmudgeon. Atom’s twin. Angelique’s love interest. Eric’s best friend. 

Prof. Angelique Lautrec — monster queen, music lover, philosophy professor, world maker, compulsive bedazzler. Aton’s neighbor. Bestie to Shane Zabat and Heidi Kamaka.

Atom Verne — car designer, artist, seer of auras and geometry, Agent Provacateur

Shane Zabat  — lonely only, test tube baby, punk rocker who sculpts full size clay models of cars for GM. Atom’s love interest. Angelique’s friend. 

Dominic Diamond — owner of Fiamond.Auto Design, king of Detroit

Dr. Conroy Milton -- government researcher, shadowy figure,  the “Fungus among us.” Spontaneously triggered 5 cases of Cotards via his method of “manipulative haunting.”

Dr. Heidi Kamaka -- botanist / ethnobotanist in search of status orgasmus mushroom.